Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Drunk Horse

Drunk Horse - Howard Phillips
Drunk Horse - Priestmaker

Goddamn! Drunk Horse play the kind of rock music that makes me want to grab a beer and bang my head ‘till dawn breaks. Some bands revive 70’s hard rock with their tongue in their cheek, and some do it with a frightening level of earnestness. But Drunk Horse do it so well that it just doesn’t matter whether they’re serious or not. They’ve got the southern boogie groove of ZZ Top, the songs of Thin Lizzy and the guitar solos of the Fuck Champs. This is 70’s rock revival that sounds completely modern. Let's call it neo-prog-butt-rock.

Also, they are playing in my hometown of Fayetteville on Sunday the 29th. I'm pretty fucking jazzed. If you're reading this, and you're from Fayetteville. You better fucking come. They'd be a great band to get totally fucked up to, but I'm leaving on a road trip the next morning, so beers will be few.


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